Dr. Eric George collaborating with staff

About Us

The Hand Center of Louisiana offers a comprehensive set of services focused exclusively on the Upper Extremity which includes the forearm, wrist and hand. Services include:

Our facility also has extensive services for imaging and testing including X-ray, Orhto-Scan, MRI, CT scan, Ultra-sound and neurological testing which enable our physicians can make the most accurate diagnosis.

Once your physician has given a diagnosis for surgery, there are several options available for your treatment. For ambulatory procedures requiring a local anesthetic, the Hand Center of Louisiana offers an in-house, state-of-the-art surgery suite for on-site procedures. For major hand surgery procedures, our surgeons are affiliated with three major surgical facilities in the greater New Orleans area:

Our long-standing relationships with these hospital partners enable us to efficiently coordinate your surgical experience. The knowledgeable and friendly administrative staff at the Hand Center of Louisiana will gladly help expedite your medical insurance billing or workers compensation claim.

Nobody looks forward to treatment of medical injuries, but you will have a more comfortable experience with the professionals here at the Hand Center of Louisiana. From medical and surgical care, to imaging, testing and rehabilitation, all are readily available at the Hand Center of Louisiana.