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Hand Counseling Center

Pre-Surgical Counseling in New Orleans

One of the most unsettling aspects of surgery is the unknown. When you do not fully understand the procedure you’re about to face and all the details involved, you’re bound to feel worried or apprehensive. At Hand Center of Louisiana, we want our patients to have a different kind of experience — one that is as stress-free and transparent as possible.

If your physician feels that surgery is the best option to treat your hand or upper extremity condition, the Hand Counseling Center is your next stop. Surgery is a very involved process, and preparation is key to your peace of mind and successful recovery.


What Is the Hand Counseling Center?

The Hand Counseling Center is where patients at Hand Center of Louisiana go to learn the ins and outs of their surgical procedure.

When preparing for hand, shoulder or wrist surgery, you are bound to have lots of questions. Once your physician recommends surgery, you will be redirected to the Hand Counseling Center, often during the same visit as your evaluation. While there, you will have the opportunity to speak with an experienced Surgical Registered Nurse Counselor who can educate you about your surgery.

Our highly trained counselors can answer all of your questions about your surgery plus offer guidance about your pre- and post-operative care. Our Hand Counseling Center is just one part of our patient concierge services, providing you with benefits such as:

  • Gives you as much time as you need to understand the surgical process.
  • Fully informs you about what you can expect.
  • Presents you with all the information you need regarding pre- and post-operative instructions.
  • The Nurse Counselor team works directly with your physician.
  • Provides the best possible outcomes and a full continuum of care.
  • Ensures your experience is as stress-free as possible.

As your session with the nurse comes to a close, they will schedule the date of your surgery as well as all of your post-operative appointments. Your care may also involve physical therapy, which is conducted onsite at our Hand Therapy Center.

Our specialized team at the Hand Counseling Center is available to you for any questions or concerns that come up — before, during or after your procedure.

Patient Concierge Services at Hand Center of Louisiana

As patient care providers, Hand Center of Louisiana aims to give patients the best medical care and service possible. The Hand Counseling Center is just one example of how we offer a fully integrated experience. From your initial evaluation onwards, our patient concierge services are designed to optimize your comfort, provide unparalleled convenience and support you with compassionate care every step of the way.

We offer a variety of services and amenities for each patient who requires treatment for hand or upper extremity conditions:

  • A highly trained physician team that communicates well and provides the best care.
  • A welcoming, newly renovated facility.
  • Thorough and efficient medical evaluations.
  • Advanced in-house diagnostic technology.
  • A comfortable lobby instead of waiting rooms. You will receive a buzzer to notify you when your care team is ready to see you.

Learn How Hand Center of Louisiana Takes Patient Care to New Heights

If you struggle with pain in your hand or upper extremities, we want to change the way you receive medical care. Learn how by scheduling your appointment with one of our highly skilled physicians today.