patient diagnostic test performed by hand surgeon

Hand Diagnostic Center

The Hand Center of Louisiana’s goal is to provide comprehensive care which includes diagnostic testing and evaluations of the hand and arm for neurological disorders. These evaluations include Nerve Conduction Studies or NCS and other types of neurological tests. Our board certified neurologist, with over 25 years of experience, is available by appointment when such testing or studies are required.


Specialized imaging studies, such as MRI’s are often requested to assist our physicians in their diagnosis of the patients’ problem. MRI studies are available through our relationship with Premier Extremities, which offers the most advanced equipment available to produce the detailed images the doctor needs to assess the problem and to monitor recovery.

Our Diagnostic Testing Coordinator assists our physicians in ordering, scheduling and authorizing all patient testing that have been determined as necessary. The Coordinator works closely with each patient to ensure testing appointments go smoothly and to ensure all information needed for the patients return visit with the physician is in place.