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Hand Surgical Associates

Phone: 504-454-2191
Fax: 504-454-3106

Hand Therapy Center

Phone: 504-378-1811
Fax: 504-378-1831

Our goal is to make appointment scheduling as accessible as possible by providing several options. For an appointment with our Hand Surgeons at Hand Surgical Associates, you can schedule by phone at 504-454-2191 and select #1 from the automated attendant which will connect you directly to our team of experienced schedulers. For an appointment with our Certified Hand Therapists at the Hand Therapy Center, you can schedule by phone at 504-378-1811 and our team of experienced schedulers will assist you. To schedule by email, direct your message to info@handsurgical.designtheplanet.com or by using the form below. Be sure to include your name, contact information and the nature of your problem. By any means, our goal is to get your appointment scheduled as quickly as possible. If you encounter any problems scheduling an appointment, contact the Practice Administrator directly at 504-378-1819.

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