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“Severely injured my shoulder in an oilfield accident. Had major concerns about the surgery I was to have, healing timelines, percentage of use over time… I’m glad I chose Dr. Lyons. Every one of my questions were answered intelligently and clearly for my understanding, him and staff were all very kind but effective and competent in their duties, and with barely any proof of surgery my shoulder and arm have no pain or other residual effects of the injury that I attribute to the knowledge, skill, execution, and capabilities of Dr. Lyons. Hopefully, I’ll never need care for another injury but if so, I’ll be back in his office!.” ~ Richard R.

“Dr, Lyons was very professional. He removed bone spurs, fixed my clavicle and released my bicep. Only 23 days and all is great full range of motion plus pain free. Thanks Doctor.” ~ Michael P. Barnett

“The surgery went off without a hitch. I had much less pain than a previous surgery by another doctor on the other shoulder. The office was the most efficient doctors office I have ever been to. You arrive check in and are immediately sent to the back where an assistant greets you and interviews you. Shortly thereafter Dr. Lyons comes in and examines you. He and his staff are very personable and efficient. I was usually back in the car before the seat was cold.” ~ Thomas Howley

“Dr Lyons did surgery on my left shoulder for bone spurs and a tear. He explained everything just as it would be as I recovered. My follow up visits were helpful and he was very attentive to my needs. He is genuinely concerned about my progress. He is the best!!! He deserves 10 stars!” ~ Jakov Jurisic

“Dr Lyons is an excellent physician. Prepared me for a lengthy rehab and was spot on every step of the way for a full recovery. Attentive to my concerns and in the end it was worth it. I am back to as close to 100% as can be with full rotation thanks to Dr. Lyons.” ~ Pamela V Buchler

“I am so grateful to Dr. Lyons and his team for giving me full use of my right knee. I had dealt with a torn ACL, MCL, & LCL for a couple of years and finally had the surgery and ACL reconstruction done and I feel so much better. I am back in the gym, walking, jogging and able to play more with my kids and dance! Thank you Dr. Lyons for your truly amazing work!” ~ David Abadie

“Dr. Lyons is a very good doctor and answered all of my questions. He did fix my shoulder and I am able to use my arm again. He is so awesome and I will send everyone to see him.” ~ Hope

“As Human Resource Director, I am responsible for ensuring that our 500+ employees and family have access to outstanding medical care. To that end, employees often ask for my recommendation of a treating physician. When asked, “ Sid, who is your orthopedist?” Without hesitation, I happily and confidently reply, “Dr. Thomas Lyons.” Dr. Lyons has surgically repaired both of my shoulders and has successfully treated my knees, utilizing minimally invasive techniques. In addition, he has performed surgery upon my spouse to repair a difficult labrum tear, all without complications. Under his care we quickly returned to the activities we enjoy most such as fishing, gardening, and exercising to name a few. Dr. Lyon’s affability and commitment to applying appropriate care, along with exceptional surgical skills, assures patients have the best possible outcomes.” ~ Sid Lacoste, Jr.

“Their friendly, professional and knowledgeable qualities deserve recognition. They seemed to show a personal interest in my recovery that enhanced my motivation. Because of the entire staffs’ personable nature, my visits were something I looked forward to.”  ~John

“Everything really went great. No complaints at all. Dr. Clasen really did a good job rebuilding my finger which was smashed in the car door.”  ~Brett

“I would just like to thank all who have helped me and always listened to my complaints with understanding and patience. All of the office staff is so professional and friendly. My surgical experience was made easier because of the above. Thank you Dr. George and your wonderful staff.” ~Wanda



“Superb medical care by Dr. George and outstanding staff. Thank you so much.”  ~Gerald

“Dr. Clasen has cured the pain in my index fingers of 3 months after injections in both index fingers. He has successfully done what at least 3 other orthopedic doctors could not do. He has cured my pain. He is a great doctor. Thank you all very much.”  ~Marshall

“Dear Dr. George, as a veteran of the hospitality industry, I know the importance of great service and that is exactly what you and your staff provided. I especially appreciate the straight forward way with which you communicated my options. Your talent and caring manner are credits to the medical profession, and I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to both you and your staff. In the words of William Shakespeare, “I can make no other answer, but thanks, and thanks.”  ~Robert

“I had a wonderful experience considering the nature of the problem for my visit. The Doctor’s and staff at Hand Surgical Associates are amazing at what they do. I’m glad I chose them to help with my problem and hope they get to continue helping people for years to come. I am forever grateful for Hand Surgical Associates and their staff. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks again!” ~Rachael

“Absolutely outstanding!”  ~George

“My experience at the hand Therapy Center was excellent. My Therapist was caring, professional, and competent and provided useful explanations.”  ~Sharon

“My first visit was a very pleasant one, the Front Desk was very helpful, then when I met my nurse, she was very pleasant, then Dr. Eric George was very nice, I could not believe it. Then on my second visit everyone was very nice and helpful, they really know how to deal with people.”  ~Dora

“I am a full-time bassist in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2018, I injured my thumb in the gym and faced a possible career-ending injury. A few months later, upon the recommendation of other musicians, I saw Dr. Eric George at the Hand Center of Louisiana. After diagnosing my injury, he performed a reconstruction of two ligaments and joint capsule in my hand. After five weeks, I was back gigging again around the city and visiting the hand therapy center for rehabilitation.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. George, Marie McLaughlin, Katherine Hammer, and all the great therapists at the Hand Care Center, I was able to make a full recovery and continue playing a rigorous performance schedule with the same finesse, endurance, and dexterity I had before my injury. They treated me with the highest caliber of courtesy, kindness, and professionalism. I owe my recovery to their thorough and erudite work. I hope they continue their role as one of Louisiana’s leaders in hand care—they have my deepest gratitude.”

~Edward (Ted) Long:
Bassist for Irma Thomas and the Professionals, Antoine Diel, Gerald French, and many others.